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Nature Calls Nature
A green work office proposal

We are delighted to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Nature Calls Nature - A green work office proposal", which will take place on Wednesday 8th of November at 12.30 at SPINELLI Balcony Area - 5G, in the European Parliament.

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Our idea is to build a working and living environment plunged into the vegetation, the same environment where the Green New Deal is debated. We want to build an environment that symbolizes Nature reclaiming its space while living in harmony with human beings.

We believe that we should start with the European Parliament. It symbolizes Europe looking for its own political identity. Furthermore, it is an environment where legislative texts are negotiated: if we want them to be truly effective in defending Nature, they have to be written by people who have developed a real and daily link with Nature itself.

For this reason, at the beginning of this mandate, we took the initiative to experiment with this approach ourselves: we filled our office with about forty plants and commissioned a study to monitor the beneficial effects in terms of cognitive performance, CO₂ and micro particle absorption, and overall air quality.

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The main objective is to share our experiment to make it replicable: there is much more that can be done in institutions beyond purely legislative work.

In the exhibition, we have recreated our office, where we have spent these years: you will find it furnished with numerous common and easy-to-maintain plants.

In addition to that, there will be a monitor displaying a short video presenting the proposal to make the third floor of the Spinelli building, the heart of the European Parliament, greener.

There will also be an artwork by the artistic duo Scenocosme, Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt, which is a green installation featuring plants with small sound systems installed to provide a sensory experience to the audience.

Additionally, there will be a small 'green buffet' of cuttings that visitors can freely take and bring to their offices.

During the inauguration, we will present the results of our research conducted from June to October 2023, aimed at highlighting the positive effects of plants and promoting healthier and more productive work environments.

Furthermore, this project will serve as a foundation for further research and the implementation of sustainable policies, fostering a healthier work environment in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The event will feature Clarissa Sellem, the curator of the Talk CEC Art Gallery in Brussels (, Andrea Bariselli from Strobilo, responsible for the environmental data of our offices (, and the artist Anaïs Met Den Ancxt of Scenocosme (

The event is open to all those working at the European Parliament, as well as external individuals who will be accredited to attend the inauguration.

In order to register, we kindly ask you to contact us at email address shown in event image.

Marco Zullo MEP
Renew Europe Group

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