An office should not necessarily seem “like an office”, it must certainly be equipped, but it should not be inhospitable and impersonal. When I started to work with Marco Zullo the renovation of the working environment was the first aspect we focused on.

The goal was not just to decorate the office: I believe that lawmakers should be, among other things, excellent caregivers. Being able to take care of a plant tells of the ability to take care of living beings. Take care of a plant means observing it and understanding its needs. It means making it grow. In this parliamentary term, “the Green New Deal one”, this will be as important as it has never been before.

So I proposed him to take care of his office so that those skills were tested and, if necessary, learned and trained.
We have taken many plants and, among others, I chose a Mimosa Pudica. As its name suggests, this plant closes and folds its leaves if you touch them.

The idea of this project, “Nature Calls Nature”, comes right from here: one day, asking one of the team members about the plants, I get surprised by his answer: “Mimosa moves, therefore it works”…
The idea that a plant could be perceived as something inanimate, something mechanic instead of as a living being, made us thinking on how much we need to get used to Nature again. We keep it separate from our life. We have very little vegetation in our homes, in workplaces, which in many cases could instead be lush gardens. We often relegate it only to the moments of vacation, we imagine it possible only in exotic and distant places.

Nature Calls Nature has been conceived to generate a closer and continuous relationship with Nature, in a new way.

Dr. Maria Letizia Trento, HR and Stakeholders Manager
09.07.2020, Bologna (IT)